Infrastructure-as-Code | Thor's Hammer for modern IT PROs

Every IT Professional fears the moment where they have to reconfigure the servers, due to different challenges in the seemingly complex deployment processes. This session will help you understand how to embrace a programmable infrastructure approach to deploy your cloud resources. You will also learn how to select the right tools and technologies to build ca CI/CD pipeline for cloud resource deployments, how to manage both Infra + App life cycles in a single coordinated operation and finally going home early by automating your daily deployment jobs "as much as you can".

Janaka Rangama (Principal Consultant at Empired Ltd) Melbourne, Australia

Janaka Rangama a.k.a "Tek Ronin" is a Microsoft CDM MVP, MCT, Azure Advisor and an Open Source geek. Originally hailing from Sri Lanka "The Pearl of The Indian Ocean", he is an expat living in Melbourne, Australia where he works as a Principal Consultant at Empired Ltd. Janaka is a well-known speaker in many international conferences and holds over a dozen Microsoft & Red Hat certifications.

Nirmal Thewarthanthri (Technical Architect at Empired Ltd) Perth, Australia

Nirmal is a Technical Architect at Empired Ltd Australia, with many years of consultancy experience on core IT Infrastructure technologies. Nirmal is a Microsoft MVP, MCT, 5Nine Technical Evangelist and an Azure Advisor. He is a founding member of Sri Lanka IT PRO Forum. As a top expert in Microsoft Hybrid Cloud technologies in ANZ region, Nirmal has been sharing is knowledge at various industry and community events around the globe.

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