Identities around the world at your fingertips Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:00am (30m) (global)

Explore the building blocks of Azure AD B2C which provides an easy way to store and manage hundreds of millions of consumer identities in a secure, reliable, scalable, cost effective service. The session will showcase real word example demos and their configuration summary, technical infrastructure, the developer model, the protocols and information storage of Azure AD B2C. The session will wrap up with a comparison of Azure AD B2C with B2B and will discuss the different use cases.

Sameera Perera (Senior Consultant at Empired) Perth, Australia

Sameera Perera is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Azure Architect & a demonstrated Azure Specialist in Australia. He enjoys the experience when sharing his passion in the Cloud and Hybrid technologies with the community around the word. He is a frequent presenter at Perth Cloud User Group and a well-known technical speaker in many events around Australia. He also performs the role of a Microsoft P-Seller and Azure Advisor promoting Microsoft Azure Services while working as a Senior Consultant at Empired Ltd in Perth, Australia You can reach him via twitter @sameera_man or via

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