The Legends of .NET Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:30am (30m) (global)

Microsoft open sourced .NET Core in Nov 2014 and acquired Xamarin in Feb 2016., which rebuilt the .NET/Mono/Xamarin landscape significantly. Ever since .NET platform's debut in June 2000, this ecosystem has been evolving rapidly and empowering more categories of applications than its original ambition. This session offers an overview that covers the history of .NET Framework and its Mono/Xamarin siblings, stories and people, and how the future might look like. Outsider viewpoints/comments and third party products are also covered to make the image complete.

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Lex Li (Associate at Morgan Stanley) Montreal, Canada

Lex Li is currently with Morgan Stanley. Working as software developer, with primary role in IT infrastructure based on Microsoft Windows technologies especially ASP.NET/IIS. Prior with Morgan Stanley, Lex was support engineer in Microsoft and software engineer in Cisco Systems. Lex is active in many online C#/IIS communities including and In addition, he has coordinated several open source projects such as #SNMP and DockPanel Suite. He hosts the Chinese podcast ".NET FM" with his friend Peng Lyu at His blog is at

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